ECE 431/531 : Reconfigurable Computing using FPGA


Semesters :   Spring 2020
Lecture :   ES0223           ,  T   16:15 - 17:35
Lab :   ES0223           ,  Th   16:15 - 17:35
Prerequisites :   Familiarity with assembly language and C programming language. Instructor approval.
Environment :     MS Windows 7/10 Pro,   Xilinx ISE,   Xilinx Virtex 5,    Zynq-7000
 Description :   Review of complex embedded project development with the Xilinx XUPV5 eval board. Xilinx CAD development tool suite is used throughout the class. Verilog HDL and C programming languages are introduced and used for project development. Introduction to : RS232, PS2 keyboard/mouse, DVI, VGA, video capture, I2C, SATA, GPIO, USB, Ethernet (10/100/1000/10GB).
Workload :   Five individual and two group projects. Final project is open-ended. An example final project is a real-time edge-detection system that captures a VGA signal and outputs the edge-detected picture to DVI in real time. More sophisticated image processing algorithms such as real-time speckle removal are also feasible with the Virtex 5 board.