ECE521 : Digital ASIC Design



 ECE Cross-Listing :   ECE421: Digital ASIC Design (undergraduate)
Semesters :   Spring 2020
Lecture :   HU 0041 ,  M   17:45 - 20:35
Lab :   HU 0041 ,  M   17:45 - 20:35
Prerequisites :   Introduction to VLSI.
Environment :    Linux, Cadence VLSI ASIC design, synthesis, and analysis tools
 Description :  

Introduction to Cadence Systems CMOS ASIC development tools. ASIC Synthesis process is introduced using Cadence tool suite. Design Rule Checking (DRC) , Layout Versus Schematic (LVS), and the layout of the power and clock distribution networks of a complex synchronous CMOS VLSI circuit is introduced.


Different phases of the ASIC design cycle are studied: * Verilog description * functional simulation and verification * timing and power analysis * tapeout (GDS layout creation). Students are required to design an ASIC which is fabricated by MOSIS.

Workload :   Five individual and two group projects. Projects increase in complexity, with the final project being the most sophisticated. Example final project is a simple RISC microprocessor (e.g., R2000) or a co-processor.
Textbook :   Digital VLSI Chip Design with Cadence and Synopsys CAD Tools. Erik Brunvand, ISBN # 978-0321547996.