ECE114 (UofR)

ECE 114 : Introduction to C Programming


Years :   2013-2014
Lecture :   Gavett 244 ,  MW    15:25 - 16:40
Lab :   Gavett 244 ,  F        11:50 - 13:50
Prerequisites :  

Preliminary knowledge of a UNIX-based environment will be useful. Mathematical background on binary numbers and modular arithmetic will be useful.

Environment :   gcc compiler and either a Mac terminal or Cygwin (Unix in Windows)
Description :  

This course is an introduction to C programming. Concepts in efficient C program development are taught. Some example topics : Local variables, global variables, C functions, data types, pointers, pointer pointers, arrays, some simple data structures (e.g., linked lists), the concept of compilation vs. linking. Students will acquire program development and diagnostic skills in this class.

Workload :    Multiple quizzes, small projects, and large projects