ECE 380 : Circuits II


Years :   2018
Lecture :   ES-0018 ,  M   17:45 - 20:35
Lab :   ES-0018 ,  F    14:45 - 17:35
Prerequisites :  


Environment :   Windows 7/10. Matlab, SPICE.
Description :  

Basic electronic and physical properties of semiconductors materials. Functional characteristics and electronic models of Silicon semiconductor diodes and transistors (field effect transistors and bipolar junction transistors). DC biasing, and static current-voltage (I-V) and transient behavior of transistors, and transistor circuits. Analog circuit applications of transistor such as single stage and multi-stage amplifiers, op-amps. Frequency response and feedback characteristics of transistor circuits. Digital circuit applications of single and multi-stage transistor circuits. Introduction and use of computer aided circuit design and simulation tools and techniques. Hands-on lab experimentation constructing circuits to test and measure functional and performance characteristics.

Workload :   5 labs, 3 exams, 3 individual and one group homework.