EN520.230 (JHU)

EN520.230 : Mastering Electronics


Years :   2020
Lecture :   Shaffer 202 , MW      9:00 - 9:50
Lab :   Barton 120 ,  W        13:00 - 15:00
Prerequisites :  

Calculus I, II
General Physics: Physical Science Majors II (AS.171.102 or equivalent)
General Physics Laboratory II (AS.173.112 or equivalent)

Environment :   Analog Discovery 2 board. LTSpice for circuit analysis.
Description :  

Review of electric circuit analysis techniques, DC and transient circuit analysis by linear differential equation techniques, and the laws and theorems of Kirchhoff, Ohm, Thevenin, Norton and maximum power transfer to electric circuits. RLC- and Opamp-based circuits and mesh analysis. Active and passive filter design. Sinusoidal analysis of average power and frequency response. Laplace transform, review of application of linear algebra techniques to the solution of circuit node voltages, currents. Bode plots. Hands-on lab experimentation constructing circuits to test and measure functional and performance characteristics.

Workload :    7 homework and 2 exams.